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What types of files should I send?

We can work with files in virutally any format and are often asked to work from simple hand sketches or verbal descriptions. However, some file types are more useful than others and allow us to provide a faster turnaround. In general, 3D / solid model files are the most useful (Pro-E, Solidworks, etc.), followed by vector-based files (AutoCAD) and raster-based files (JPEG).

Below is a detailed list of acceptable file extensions:

Solid Models - 3D files

SolidWorks - .sldasm, .sldprt, .prt
SolidEdge - .asm, .prt, .psm, .pwd
ProEngineer - .asm, .prt, .mfg
Parasolid - .x_t, .x_b
Step - .stp, .step
IGES - .igs, .iges
Inventor - .ipt, .iam
Rhino - .3dm
eDrawings - .eprt, .easm
Unigraphics - .prt
Neutral - .neu
CGM files - .cgm
Medusa - .asc, .she
Catia - .cgr, .model
VRML - .wrl
3D Systems - .stl
ACIS - .sat

Vector files - 2D scalable files

SolidWorks - .slddrw, .drw
SolidEdge - .dft
ProEngineer - .drw, .frm, .mfg, .dgm
AutoCAD - .dwg, .dxf
Visio - .vsd, .vst, .vss
Adobe Illustrator - .ai
Corel Draw - .cdr, .svg
Adobe Acrobat - .pdf

Raster files - 2D images

Compressed image/photo - .jpeg
Adobe Acrobat (scan) - .pdf
Tagged Image File - .tiff
Bitmap image - .bmp
Graphic Interchange - .gif
Word Document - .doc
Powerpoint - .ppt

If you have files not appearing on this list please contact us.


If you have a physical prototype or sample and no electronic files/images available, please contact us regarding shipping the prototype. We will prepare the necessary patent drawings and return ship all items. Non-disclosure agreements can be signed and forwarded upon request.

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